Stake Out Cast

Mike's Fugitive Surveillance Unit.

Mike Steel: Aka Muscle Head Mike

Stoic Alpha Male who is a surprise techie, calling him “Muscle Head Mike” to his face usually leaves people with a trip to ta hospital ER., rumored to have been ex CIA. Hates his lisp in his voice. Mysterious past loves H2H combat. Muscle car lover.

Manny Sanchez: Aka Shoot First Ask Questions Later

Trigger happy grumpy Army Vet. Happy to shoot at everything that moves. Old School hates using technology, email baffles him. Has been on extended desk duty. Rumored to sleep with his Ar 15. Licensed weapon gunsmith and department armorer. All things trucks

Matty Ricco: Aka Ricco the Cheapskate

Prior Street Gang Unit recruited by Mike, hates technology but wife makes him drive a smart car for work and family car is electric. Matty Ricco is cheapskate and starts out with a dollar (4) quarters and every time he feels the waiter messes up takes away a quarter. Do not let him leave the diner table last. Only carries two dollars on him at all times.

Andre Welsh: aka SB(Super Brit)

Calls the other guys in the unit M&M's, all names begin with a M.
Ricco's partner and Super British. Always dressed impeccable and soft spoken and fussy about his clothes and shoes. Uses his Cockney accent from the yard and only Ricco understands him. Has his family crest to prove he is proper Englishman, exotic car lover and all things expensive.  

 Monique Jenkins

Quick witted and unfriendly banter, humble but hot Homicide Detective. Loves Mike but not friendly with anyone else, Mike was her first partner and maybe more. Drives motorcycles, fast cars , surfer, Mike still trains with her from time to time.

Martin Wamsher: Aka Captain Obvious

States the obvious all the time but does not see the obvious. 10 years on the job and currently on a cruise to fix his marriage. Loves his wife but doesn't pay attention to her. Prius lover.



A conspiracy theorist reporter who for envelope money will provide hot leads on wanted persons and dead end cases. His gift of the gab along his disguises and impersonation skills make Jesse a valuable asset.  

Gary and Tony

Stake Out Episode 1: fugitives Gary and Tony

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