"Intense, imposing, dedicated, has a sense humor and is a nice guy. What more can you want from an actor?"


Robert Sexton: critically acclaimed director and Emmy Award-winning producer.








Savage (2017) - Pierce / Dir. Dakota Gamble

Bloody Eyes (2017) - Red Van Driver / Dir. Rafael Nani 

Solstice (2017) - Park Ranger / Dir. Dakota Gamble

Space Command (2017) - Security / Worker / Dir. Marc Zicree

Fragile Fish (2017) Short Film - Victor / Dir. Taylor Greigh 

Hold On (2017)  Security Guard/ Stone Canyon Pictures/Tarek Tohme 

The Scarlet Thorn (2016) - Ice Man / Dir. C.G. Ryche

Director (2016) - Set Security Guard / Dir. Dakota Gamble

Three Big Fight in L.A. (2016) Bodyguard /Tattoo Guy/ JiangSu YuXing Films / Wang Ke

Por Sofia (2016).  – Big Loco/ Blank films/ Dir. Alfredo Ibarra

Enter the Fist (2016)  – Superfly Gang (stunt performer), FDA Agent#2, Bodyguard/ Gold Lion Films/Dir. Alexander Wraith

Better Criminal (2016)  – Swat Leader/ Levitation Films/Dir. Ben Burke
Female Fight Club (2016)  – Police Chief/ Cineville/Dir. Miguel A. Ferrer
Scales (2016)  – Hunter  - Fromage Pictures/Dir. Kevan Peterson
Bro (2015)  – Uncle Kuen - leader of Black Dragon Gang/ NYFA/Dir. Shiyao "Johhny" Peng
Your Own Way (2015) – Dr. Jenkins/ Ghetto Film School/Dir. Yesenia De Casas
Time Remain (2015)  – Supporting LA Film School/Dir. Janice Hoff



Cyborgs Tv Series (2018) Det.PJ (recurring)

Bosch (2017) (S3/E1) The Smog Cutter  Drill Sargent Johnson

"My Crazy Ex" (2016) {Mob Rules} * – Bouncer  
Method Acting (TV Movie 2016) * - Strong Craigslist Responder 
The Comments (2015 Short) * Bar Patron - Brian Kehoe

Sex & The City ( S5/E3 ) HBO * Dir. John David Coles



Title Role Director Name Production
Panda Express 2016 EMT Marty Amsler Saville Productions
Grammy Aflac 2016 Bodyguard Alex Messianu 3ROUNDBURST
Noodle World "Oh, the Humanity!" 2016 Bodyguard / Goon Stephen Scott Day  
Dodge ADR #360 2015 Security Detail Member John Adams. TEN LLC
      EA Entertainment
      BlahBlahBlah Entertainment/



Scum Game (2018) - Jiber Bustin - Main Character 
Ghost Recon Wildlands (2017) * – Respawning thug /  Ubisoft Entertainment

Madden NFL 17 (2016) * – NFL Coach / EA Entertainment / Marci Galea
Clash for Dawn (2016)  * – Toby/ Warrior BlahBlahBlah Entertainment


Music Videos

French Horn Rebellion "The Right Time"

3Oh!3 "Hear Me Now " Anthem Films DJ Brawner

Sky James "Drop and Let Go"



Rossi-Snyder Theater Labs * – Scene Study, Acting, and Auditioning

Doug Warhit Acting School * – On-Camera Cold Reading, Scene Study and Audition Technique
John Windsor-Cunningham: Private Acting Coach *NYC




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