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Former New Jersey State Trooper currently the Director of Security @ Resort World Casino New York, but welcomes any opportunities in pursuing my passion for acting instead of pursuing bad guys.


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Pj Jenkins is a former New Jersey State Trooper.

Please click the above picture to see a Tv Series comedy-drama concept that I wrote and produced on a shoestring budget called Stake Out, a Fugitive Surveillance Unit. 

(Nunchaku) NEVER GIVE UP      (featuring Pj Jenkins) Click the picture, links to a short video. Thank you for your time!

Currently Acting as the Director of Security listed below, who said I couldn't act? lol


Professional Experience:

Resorts World Casino New York City: Director of Security

New York Casino Key License # PXJ34544 

Responsibilities: February 2018 - Present


Develops implements and maintains policies and programs to ensure the physical safety of the casino’s guests, employees, property, and assets; complies with New York State Gaming Commission security requirements and casino’s internal controls. Directly responsible for all investigations performed by the Security Department. Oversee the 10 million dollars annual Security budget with over 7.6 million visitors in 2018.


Essential Duties: • Responsible for the overall operation of the Security Department.

• Continually monitor staffing to ensure adequate coverage for all anticipated business requirements and compliance with Security Department minimum staffing.

• Develops and implements departmental policies, procedures and training programs to ensure the protection of all company assets as wells as the safety and welfare of guests and team members.

• Develops and implements Security departmental budgets as well as researching, evaluating and testing the latest technology in security to develop appropriate systems to achieve security, effectiveness, and cost efficiency objectives.

• Responsible for the physical safety of natural persons, the physical safeguarding of assets, and the protection of the property of both the patron from illegal activity.

• Responsible for the design, implementation, and enforcement of a system for the issuance of temporary access credentials.

• Operate various types of office equipment along with hand radios, monitors, fire extinguishers, resuscitation equipment, recording devices, and key watcher key control system.

• Responsible for the identification and immediate notification to supervisors of any persons who require exclusion or ejection from the facility.

• Performs all the duties and responsibilities required under the system of internal controls that were approved.

• Responsible for the provision of immediate notice to supervisors designated in the internal controls and the casino compliance representatives and the New York State Commission at the licensed facility upon detecting any person who is engaging in or attempting to engage in, or who is suspected of cheating, theft, embezzlement, a violation of this part or other illegal activities.

• Experienced with in-depth, comprehensive knowledge in security, investigation, loss prevention and safety awareness.

• Assists in internal investigations as necessary

• Performs all other duties as assigned


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